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Thin sections for reference and teaching


1. ANDESITE   Steins Pass, NM Laramide flow

2. ANORTHOSITE white course grained plagioclase MT.

3. APALITE fine pink CO

4. BASALT olivine, La Bajada Hill NM Quarternary

5. BASALT scoriaceous NM recent flow

6. BRECCIA volcanic light grey CO.

7. BRECCIA marble variegated, Italy

8. BRECCIA sedimentary CA.

9. BRECCIA andesite grey CO.

10. BRECCIA chert in silica dolomite matrix 

11. BRECCIA basalt lane county OR.

12. BRECCIA volcanic LA county CA.

13. BRECCIA chert marble excellent pink and black contrast

14. BRECCIA fluorite quartz Zuni Mt. NM.

15. BRECCIA light grey chert in dark grey matrix OK.

16. BRECCIA volcanic Alboroto gp Miocene CO.

17. CHARNOKITE course with pyroxene, ilmenite plagioclase and potassium feldspar,

18. CHERT grey brown conchoidal fracture Cretaceous TX.

19. CONGLOMERATE polymictic 1/2” pebbles quartz fluorite limestone 


21. CONGLOMERATE quartz Tertiary Ogallala fm NM.

22. CONGLOMERATE red jasper grey matrix SD.

23. Conglomerate arkosic large pebbles granite in sandstone 

24. CONGLOMERATE quartz San Diego county CA

25. CORDIERITE hornsfels MT.


27. DIABASE course grained excellent black pyroxenes Needles CA.

28. DIOPSIDE assorted

29. DIORITE grey hornblende and biotite CA.

30. DOLOMITE variegated “Kona” dolomite MI

31. DOLOMITE Ellenberger gp grey to purplish medium grain TX.

32. DUNITE dense granular olivine/chromite NC.

33. ECOLGITE massive, garnet and chlorite CA

34. EPIDOTITE Pewabic mine NM.

35. GABBRO orbicular pyroxene, plagioclase in fine grained matrix NC.

36. GNEISS augen gneiss, white augen in biotite gneiss ID.

37. GNEISS sillimanite garnet gneiss NY

38. GN EISS augen gneiss pink and grey banded good augen NY.

39. GRANITE grey muscovite and biotite MT.

40. GRANITE hypersthene with garnet India

41. GRANITE biotite medium grey VT.


43. LATITE ignimbrite quartz latite NM sugarlump tuff 

44. LATITE fine grained grey weathered NM.

45. LIMESTONE fossiliferous Cretaceous molds TX.

46. LIMESTONE shell buff Austin marble TX

47. LIMESTONE “shelly” pearly shell NY

48. LIMESTONE dolomitic NM.

49. LIMESTONE calcarenite course grained crinoid frags 

50. LIMESTONE interclast diverse bioclasts NC.

51. LIMESTONE coquina NC

52. LIMESTONE fossiliferous bivalves in fine matrix VI.

53. LIMESTONE red wall Yavapia county AZ.

54. LIMESTONE encrinal grey NY.

55. LIMESTONE birdseye grey NY.

56. LIMESTONE oolitic IN.

57. LIMESTONE lithographic Barvaria

58. MARBLE fine grained with graphite NJ.

59. MARBLE dolomite Precambrian medium grain TX

60. MARBLE calcite course grained NM

61. MARBLE dolomite grey NY

62. MONZONITE porphyry

63. NORITE green pyroxene and plagioclase Canada

64. PERPDOTITE mica grey OR

65. PHONOLITE leucite “ordenite”  phlogopite WY

66. PUMICE light grey UT

67. RHYOLITE common

68. SANDSTONE ferruginous NY

69. SANDSTONE brown tick canyon CA

70. SANDSTONE asphaltic Triassic Santa Rosa Ss

71. SANDSTONE argillaceous light grey NY

72. SANDSTONE brea pitt OH

73. SANDSTONE ferruginous OH

74. SANDSTONE orthoquartzite Dakota Ss

75. SANDSTONE glauconitic Cambrian Nm

76. SANDSTONE banded Permian Glorieta Ss NM

77. SANDSTONE ferruginous OH

78. SANDSTONE orthoquartzite Dakota Ss 

79. SANDSTONE glauconitic Cambrian NM

80. SANDSTONE orthoquartzite Cambrian Lyon Ss Co.

81. SANDSTONE micaceous sub grey wacke banded NM

82. SANDSTONE banded buffalo gap fm SD.

83. SANDSTONE siliceous friable MO.

84. SANDSTONE arkose mount Tom 

85. SANDSTONE coquina FL

86. SANDSTONE bituminous CA

87. SCHIST tremolite chlorite Precambrian 

88. SCHIST garnetiferous mica schist kyanite VT

89. SCHIST pink muscovite piedmont Ortega quartzite NM

90. SHALE oil shale (not fissle) eocene green river fm CO

91. SHALE bright angel AZ

92. SHALE ferruginous red PA

93. SHALE black cretaceous fossiliferous Mancos shale CO

94. SHALE arenaceous dark grey NY

95. SHALE grey fossiliferous red tanks fm



98. SILTSTONE fine grained with minor dendritic patterns 

99. SILTSTONE Permian Yeso fm 

100. SKARN cordierite anthophyllite grey CO

101. SLATE common

102. SYENITE nepheline  syenite  Keene quarry Ontario

103. TRACHYETE Porphry light grey CO

104. TUFF rhyolitic MT

105. TUFF welded CA